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{short description of image}Voith Hydro
A world leader in hydro-power and irrigation schemes. More...
{short description of image}Voith Paper
The pioneering company & partner in the paper industry. More...
Voith Turbo
Leading manufacturer of drive systems & railway applications. More...
A niche leader in High-Tech Communication & Information Solutions for safety-critical applications. More...
Pintsch Bamag
counts among the most successful manufacturers of safety products for railways and waterways.More...
Established in April 2007 Synergy Group's initial main objective was geared towards business development - for and on behalf of its international- and regional principles - which either have continuous interests in maintaining and/or developing their activities and presence in Egypt.

Synergy's Group of Companies is active in various fields and sectors of the Egyptian Economy and recently also ventured into the neighboring markets such as Libya, Jordan and Sudan.

Through the expertise, experience and dedication of its founders and partners we continuously strive to identify areas of high growth potential - ultimately seeking the best solutions for our clients and principles. It is Synergy's task and expertise - with its commercial & technical experts - to tailor these solutions to meet and exceed our principles' and customers' expectations.

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