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Commercial Concept & Basis of Cooperation
  • Agree-on and formulate with its principles a coherent and coordinated market strategy.
  • Identify the necessary resources to warrant access to market segments and customers in order to prepare a solid analysis, allowing to "screen, select & focus on" any given project and/or business opportunity.
  • Synergy warrants maximum market insights assisting and/or directly formulating a "winning" commercial strategy, indicating the necessary bidding criteria in line with the agreed objectives and allocation of resources of the teams involved.
  • Each "team member" sharing cross-sector market intelligence and support functions, so as to obtain and gain a more global and optimized picture on the prevailing business landscape.
  • Unified strategies for the benefit of "win-win scenarios" are daily challenges.
  • Cross analysis & comparing notes between all team members to prepare for EPC and Turn-key Projects maximizing local content with the involvement of best-fit local contractors & suppliers.
  • An integrated approach will permit Synergy to achieve the objectives of maintaining and growing its principals market know-how, target projects, order intake objectives, whilst simultaneously improving its joint image and professional celebrity in the eyes of the customers.
  • Synergy constantly strives to increase its principles local footprint, localization with the aim to facilitate gradual technology transfer and local competencies.
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