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Infrastructure & Industry References
Irrigation & Pumping Stations

Synergy Group and its creators have a joint accumulated experience shared with VOITH Hydro - Austria in the field of fully integrated irrigation pumping stations.

Over the course of almost 4 decades, some 35 large & medium pumping stations have been errected and put in operation all over Egypt. The Ministry of Irrigation with its execution entity MED oversees and operates all pumping stations.

References (Examples):

El Max Project - MED:
Ministry Of Public Works And Water Resources, Cairo, Egypt
El Max pumping station, located in the north-west delta area of the Nile River and close to Alexandria, is an essential part of waste water disposal in Egypt.
Therefore, the station's equipment, delivered and installed from a Japanese manufacturer during the 1960's was replaced by Voith Hydro. All components of the new propeller pumps - inclined 45° (runner diameter 2 m) - were made of non-corrosive materials.

Voith Hydro's share:
  • 6 new pumps
  • transmission gears
  • motors
  • controls
  • hydraulically driven safety valves
  • 2 portable rack-cleaning machines
  • power house crane
  • steel structures including two portal cranes
IMBABA Water Treatment & Pumping Station - Ministry of Housing:
Supply of 8 VOITH Hydro RAW Pumps & 6 VOITH Hydro Treatment Pumps.

El Salam P/S - MED:
Ministry Of Public Works And Water Resources, Cairo, Egypt
For phase two of the three existing El Salam 1, 2 and 3 pumping stations, Voith Hydro had been supplying: - 14 Kaplan pumps with a delivery rate of 16.5 m³/s. The impeller blades are set via control linkage extending through the hollow pump and gear shafts by means of an electric positioning motor located on the slowly rotating gear shaft. Positioned at a 45° angle, the pumps are axially split for quick removal of their internal components, which consist of a corrosion-resistant impeller, a shaft, and bearings. The gear and motor are located on a common foundation frame and could remain in place. Hydraulically actuated check valves prevented backflow from the headrace channel after the pumps were shut down.

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